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General business conditions:

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General business conditions
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1. The datas given in our offers are based on informations transmitted to us. We are eager to get as complete and correct dates as possible about object and contract partner. However, we cannot guarantee for their correctness and completeness. Our informations are to be understood without prejudice.

2. Our offers, informations and news are determined only for the addressee. They are to be treated confidentially. Any unauthorized transmission to third parties results in a commission obligation of full height for the addressee of offer if the transmission results in a conclusion of the main contract.

3. If the addressee has already got knowledge about our authenticated occasion for conclusion of a contract he has to inform us immediately and to proove it on request, too. If the addressee of offer does not meet this information-obligation about the previous knowledge, he is not allowed to refer to a later time to previous knowledge.

4. Settlement of commission will be effected due to the fixed height of the seller-commission in the offer.

5. Our right to commission results as soon as a contract will be realized due to our information or our arrangement. The obligation is based on that to let us know immediately if and if nececessary to which conditions a contract has been realized about an object offered through us.The right to commission results even then if the contract has been concluded at conditions deviating from the offer if and as far as in a temporal and commercial connection with a first contract contractual extensions and supplements will be realized as well on purchase instead of rent and vice versa, heir right for construction instead of purchase as well as his purchase by compulsory sale.The right to commission will also be due if the realized contract expires due to conditions subsequent for which the addressee of offer is responsible or will be canceled resp. not fulfilled due to a reserve of withdrawal or by any other reason caused through himself.

6. Activity is allowed for each of the contract partners.

7. Place of settlement and court will be within the permissible limits of our company's place in Mijas.

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